We serve authentic Japanese food in Las Vegas!

Ninja Teriyaki Sushi 2 Go

About Us

True taste from Japan

Our first Ninja opened at Desert Inn  in March 2014 by Masato Shiga, who has been in Japanese restaurant industry in Japan and US for more than 30 years. 

Please enjoy our​ authentic ​Japanese food! 


Real taste !

Our Japanese chef​ creates​ all menu recipes


Value Price !

Ninja food is not only tasty but also good size portions.



Ninja has a variety of Japanese authentic food such as: sushi, gyu-don, ramen, udon, curry, and tempura

About Our Character

Saizo-chan is our lovely ninja character. Her name came from Kirigakure Saizo who is one of the most famous ninjas of Ten Braves of Samurai Admiral Yukimura Sanada. Sanada and his ​allies had fought against Shogun Tokugawa, during th​e War of Osaka in Summer 1615.

We offer items for this character at shops.
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